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One on One Classes with Crummy

Are you wanting to learn how to Tig Weld or wanting to take your Tig welding skills to the next level?  This One Day One on One Class might be just what you're looking for.  Please contact for more details and scheduling  

Beginner Tig Welding Class 

This class is geared towards those of you that have little to no experience Tig Welding.  You'll learn the basic details and techniques you'll need to take back to your shop to have a solid base to grow from.  Details such as torch setups, machine settings, proper techniques, and much more.  Also, giving you a chance to try out different hoods and a range of machines priced from Economy to Legacy.  

Please contact below for more details.  Beginner Class priced at $500 

Intermediate Tig Welding Class 

You have some Tig welding experience but you want to take your skill set to the next level.  This is the class for you.  Same as the Beginner Class our goal is to correct bad habits and build a good base for you to be able to grow more.  This class will have more focus on finer details and harder projects to really dial your skill set in.  

Please contact below for more details, pricing, and scheduling.

Advanced Tig Welding Class 

The Advanced Tig class is for the experienced weldor that needs very specific training or has a need to dial in on One material.  Possible course details could range from Positioner Welding, Chamber Welding, Titanium, Inconel, Round Tubing, Help Passing Cert Test, and much more.  This class is meant to be very specific to your experienced needs.  

Please contact below for more details, pricing, and scheduling.


All classes can be tailored to fit just what you're looking for.   Please contact below for more information and lets get you laying some dime


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